Progressive Equipment

阿拉德之怒mg版官网Progressive Equipment develops a range of mechanical products that will give you an edge. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand customer issues and design solutions which improve usability and performance. With over fifteen years in the business, we use our problem solving and hydraulic expertise to develop products that will help you do more with less. We are constantly innovating to bring you new solutions.

Our WoodWeta wood hogger and greenwaste shredder has enabled contractors to process difficult products in a single pass, without the need to separate or rescreen.

Our Katipo tilt hitch operators have told us that they would never go back to using a skid steer without one.

Our SharpGrade Leveller contractors have commented on the ease of use and marked increase in productivity.

For enquiries contact
Grant Emmett
+64 27 701 3054 mobile, New Zealand

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