About Us

阿拉德之怒mg版官网Progressive Group was established in 1992 by Rodney and Angela Sharp in Hamilton, New Zealand to provide simple, technically elegant solutions to industry in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.

阿拉德之怒mg版官网Progressive specialise in design, manufacture and installation of industrial and mobile systems, with a focus on efficiency, reliability and safety. The team utilise SolidWorks PDM, Top Solid CADCAM, CNC machines and specialist hydraulic facilities.

Progressive Group encompasses three engineering companies:




Progressive Equipment design,
manufacturer and
sales of machinery products.

Progressive Hydraulics
design and build service
阿拉德之怒mg版官网 for specialised equipment.

阿拉德之怒mg版官网Purchased in 2002, to provide precision fitting and turning capability for customers and to service the Progressive Group’s projects.

Progressive Products

Progressive Group has a range of its own innovative skid steer attachments, including the SharpGrade Leveller, ScapeRake power rake, Katipo tilt hitch, Extraks sprocket extensions and the award winning WoodWeta wood hogger and greenwaste shredder.

Bespoke components and systems are supplied to the energy, wood, forestry, plastics, recycling and entertainment industries.

阿拉德之怒mg版官网With other innovative products in development at present, Progressive Group looks forward to releasing new solutions to industry.

Progressive People

阿拉德之怒mg版官网Managing Director Rodney Sharp has a solid background in many facets of mechanical engineering design and manufacture and is a well-respected engineer.

阿拉德之怒mg版官网He creates simple, elegant concepts to address customer issues and leads the design team, who draw up cost effective, efficient designs for a wide range of components.  Progressive’s mechanical technicians and machinists in turn work with the design team, to ensure the components are manufactured to exacting standards.

Rodney gets satisfaction from designing new solutions for customers, so their business is more efficient and less stressful. He says that once you are over 50, you can get away with eccentric ideas! 

Company Director Angela Sharp manages the administration side of the businesses.  She ensures the staff are kept happy and work well as a team. She enjoys the buzz that staff and customers get from the continual new solutions Progressive Group comes up with.

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